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Karanja because of its Ayurvedic application has been prized as an extremely powerful and wellness benefit-laden plant. My forest Karanja oil is sourced from the wild forests of Northern Western Ghats, extracted at a 100% carbon neutral processing unit set up by nature connect India’s non-profit arm Applied Environmental Research Foundation, and this processing unit is run entirely by local community, the Karanja seeds have been collected by Thakar and Katkari tribes, from the deep forests of Raigad district of Maharashtra. By choosing our oil you not only choose purity of our product but help these marginalized communities flourish through such sustainable livelihoods and have helped us to create value from standing forests. Environment conservation is our top priority, we believe in giving back what we take from our ‘’Mother Earth’’.

(Please note that all profits generated through the sale of this product will be directed back to our various forest conservation initiatives. Visit for more details)

My Forest Karanja Oil

₹300.00 Regular Price
₹200.00Sale Price
    • Karanja oil can be applied on skin to heal wounds because of its healing and antimicrobial property
    • it works as a mosquito repellant for humans and for animals.
    • Karanja Oil is hydrating antioxidant, can be used for all skin types and hair types.
    • Karanja oil is incredibly nourishing and protective. “It’s very rich in flavonoids, which are known for their antioxidant and UV-blocking abilities’’
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