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Mahua oil is extracted from the mahua (madhuca indica) seeds, sourced from the wild Forests of Northern Western Ghats, Extracted at 100% carbon neutral processing unit, the seeds have been collected by Thakar and Katkari tribes from wild mahua trees, providing them sustainable livelihood and creating value from our standing forests.

(Please note that all profits generated through the sale of this product will be directed back to our various forest conservation initiatives. Visit for more details)

My Forest Mahua Oil

₹300.00 Regular Price
₹200.00Sale Price
  •  An excellent skin care  product, can be used as an ointment to cure rheumatism, moisturizes skin and prevents crack, has anti ageging properties and keeps your skin look youthful. Is also used to make soap, Can be mixed with coconut oil to get a healthy scalp and long hair.

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