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Beeja or Vijaysar or Biwala (The Indian Kino tree or Petrocarpus marsupium) has been traditionally used in Ayurveda, it has countless therapeutic properties, it is used to control diabetes, the bark and wood of Beeja help in rejuvenate beta cells of the pancreas, thereby enhancing insulin production

Cinnamon on the other hand is a great antioxidant and it can lower blood sugar by imitating insulin whilst also increasing the insulin sensitivity of the body.

(Please note that all profits generated through the sale of this product will be directed back to our various forest conservation initiatives. Visit for more details)

My Forest Wilderness infusion Diabacheck

  • Helps fight diabetes

    It is used to treat wounds

    It is used as a detoxifier of blood

    Improves blood circulation and blood flow to various organs in the body

    It is good for hearth health

    It helps in losing weight

  • Product details

    Price                 : 210 INR

    Quantity           : 25 Sachets

    Form                 : Powder

    Shelf life            : 2 years

    Certification      : Fair for life

    Supply type       : Retailer

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